Xironth vol. 2 is coming!




Good day, all! I’m thrilled to announce today that the second volume of Xironth is nearing completion. It’s been a long road to see this volume to completion, but I sincerely hope that new and returning readers alike enjoy this volume. So, without further ado, I present the cover to the next volume:


Xironth: vol 2 – Sonnets and Silence

Nearly one month has passed since Morcuré’s unexpected arrival into Parshpal City, and his new city has opened his eyes to a world of magic he never knew existed. However, the worlds of magic and humanity exist in conflict, and Morcuré has found himself thrust in the center of the strife. Under Hekima’s guidance, Morcuré unites with magicians from around the planet to seek peace and prevent war, but his involvement in Hekima’s plans makes Morcuré a target for those who wish to suppress the promised order. New enemies and allies reveal themselves in the explosive sequel to Xironth – Sonnets and Silence!

coming June 30th.

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