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Xironth vol. 1: Awakening

The planet Xironth has existed in peace for thousands of years. One day, the world discovers a new type of supernatural element: magic. The world of magic, once unknown to ordinary humans, is now thrust into the spotlight of the world. At the center of the unfolding chaos lies Morcuré, a young man who ends up the sole survivor of his nation’s first and deadliest “magic sweep” – an action designed to efficiently and systematically kill magicians. Unaware of his own latent magic ability until the sweeps, Morcuré must now learn about both Parshpal, his new country, and his new powers, as the world around him prepares for the Second Magic War…

About the Artist

Deborah Hauber is  an Art Student and Freelance Illustrator with her head in the clouds, always thinking of new things to draw. You can see more of her work at

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