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Benefits of Having Genioplasty

Performed by both plastic surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons, genioplasty surgery or chin surgery can alternatively intensify the jaw augmentation of a patient. For some reasons, there are patients who undergo this kind of surgery in order to enhance their look, genioplasty surgery will also be considered as cosmetic surgery. The procedure is done through the chin of the patients in which it is reshaped and enhanced to obtain a better look. There are some patients who want to undergo a genioplasty surgery to repair the deformities and misalignment of the protruded and recessed chin to upgrade the attraction of the face. In order to modify the patients looks, the genioplasty surgery can do the projection, height, shape, and proportion of the person’s chin by using the patient’s own bone.

Genioplasty surgery will provide a more flexible distinction in comparison to an implant chin augmentation, in which will offer a patient a more prominent and immense change of the shape. For those who want to upgrade their look, the patient will undergo a genioplasty surgery, this is the reason why it is not covered by the insurance. There are two types of genioplasty surgery, these are the sliding genioplasty of the osseous genioplasty and the chin implants genioplasty. The chin implant genioplasty is the using of plastic material into the chin to the adhering bone while the sliding genioplasty is done by cutting the bone of the patient’s chin to correct its form and deficiency.

Even though there are patients who will seek advice for their facial cosmetic surgery that usually focuses on the restructuring of their nose, eyes and the looseness of their skin, but frequently, the assessment will identify the augmentation of the chin to harmonize the appearance. The eccentrical form of the patient chin can be consequently changed with either chin augmentation or chin reduction process. You can find below some important reasons why genioplasty surgery is very beneficial to patients.

Genioplasty surgery can ultimately fix different types of congenital chin complications and congenital chin deformity. Furthermore, all patients who have a weaker or receding chin will absolutely possess a bigger nose appearance. However, rhinoplasty or nose surgery is not the answer to this problem but a chin augmentation is immensely needed to balance the facial features.

A further advantageous benefit in having a genioplasty surgery is the modification of the mandibular prognathism or another call it as the larger jaw. Patients who want to look more appealing to other persons will like to have a double chin procedure to attain the stunning impression. In contrast to the desire of the young generation, the aged patient also has their wish of eliminating the fatty tissue and the looseness of their skin by having a chin augmentation process to reduce jowls and delimit neckline.

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