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Elements Of A Good Triathlon Coach

When a triathlon triathlete understands that they have committed their lives to the sport they will be willing to undertake the extra time to accomplish them. Despite the different forms of discouragements that a triathlete or coach may face they should be willing to provide the necessary practice to their members.

The triathlon coach undertakes times to assess the different capabilities of the trainees in order to determine the different miles they cane be able to cover and then train them on how to be able to cover the miles they are able to cover. The triathlon coach teaches the triathlete to win any race but always keep in mind other factors that are in play when they are in competitions as this enables them to think critically on the strategy they are going to use for their race.

This becomes important in cases where the players are trying to ignore any sickness which may adversely affect the general well-being of the triathletes. The triathlon coach should encourage the trainees to avoid drugs as when a triathlete tests positive they are fully disqualified from competitions. This is to ensure that the team members do not participate in the competition under the influence of drugs.

The meals of any sportspeople are required to full of nutrients such that they are able to have well build bodies that are able to withstand the brutal workout sessions they undertake. The triathlon coach should be fully involved in the lives of the triathletes and even provide them with the information they may need in order to eat healthy foods that will positively impact their bodies with minimum adverse effects.

The triathlon coach should encourage the triathlon triathletes to have enough sleep such that they do not have cases of exhaustion or even irritation which in some cases could lead to a person getting involved in a fight while competing. The triathlon coach should encourage the triathletes to take personal initiative in ensuring that they rest well before getting involved in a game the next day.

The triathlon coach is required to encourage the triathlete to train in groups as this encourages them and makes them be willing to ensure that they gain the victory. This is important as it makes the whole team like a family and hence when they see one of them disobeying any policies or even lagging behind they will always be there to help them become better triathletes.

The triathlon coach is an extended family of the triathlon team and hence they act as the head by giving direction and offering support when the need arises. The triathlon coach is always present at all ties to fight for the interest of the triathletes and ensure that they are always safe.

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