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Important Aspects About the American Flag

The American flag often acts as a symbol of hope, democracy, and freedom for the Americans and the whole world. The flag has represented the whole of America for nearly 250 years. These are years from 1812 when independence was gained. The interesting thing about the American flag is that it has a lot of history. Hence trhe need for one to learn the way in which the American flag was made and also the benefits of having it in the country. Read more now about the simple facts associated with the American flag.

Firstly, read about the colors and the symbols of the American flag on this website. Based on the history and values of America, it is from which the American flag was made. There are thirteen white and red stripes in the American flag. This is from the thirteen colonies that help gain independence in 1776 from England. On the top left corner of the, there is a blue color that is called the union. The current American flag has 50 stars symbolizing the 50 states. Next, we will learn more about the representation of the three colors in the American flag. The meaning of the purity and independence of the white color. Read symbolizes valor or bravely and we have blue for justice.

Also, there are 27 versions of the American flag. But then again, the official version of the American flag is celebrated on 14th, July. In a circle in the American flag, there are 13 stars. Alternative 13 white and red stripes of the American flag are also found. However, we cannot fail to note that the current version of the American flag has lasted for a long time. This is the version that was designed by a high school student. The 17 years old student was from Ohio and was named Robert G. Heft. He designed it as a classwork project. At that time, it was disregarded as not unique by their teacher. Heft’s effort was recognized by President Eisenhower when he noticed the design of the flag. The president loved the design and was introduced officially to America on 14 th July 1960.

In conclusion, one will learn that there was a flag code that was released. This was in the year 1942 when Franklin D. Roosevelt adopted the flag code. This flag code indicted when the flag should be flown and how it should be done. Click here to learn more about these flag codes.